“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Michael Jordan

We are very different and that makes us better. We have our own media team; something necessary to optimize our great creativity and results. And there are also specialists in programmatic, web design, programming … In case you want to see our faces, here we are, hello!



Nines Alcalde

Directora General



Óscar Lopez-Sainz

Director Creativo Ejecutivo

Franciso Bravo

Director Financiero

Otto Exner

Account Director

Isabel Ocaña

Account Director

Luisa Orozco

New Business & PR Manager

Ignacio Abbad

Senior Strategic Planner

Santi Saiegh

Director Creativo

Olga Gutiérrez

Media Manager

Encarni Gómez

Account Manager

Juan Manuel Corpas

Account Manager

Mauro Mouriño

Director de Arte

Jaime Montes

Director de Arte Digital

Flora Vicente

Directora de Arte

Jota Benedi

Senior Copywriter

Antonio Moreno


Paloma Benito

Digital Manager

Carlos Fernández

Social Media Manager

Sara Park

GA Manager

Patricia Anta

Event Executive

Jorge Martín

Account Executive

Gabriel Raimondo


Mario Martín

Director de Arte Digital

Carlos González


Nieves Soto

Finance Manager

Sara Rodríguez

Directora de Arte

Alexandra Alcolea


Estrella Puerto

BTL Manager

Rocío Parrón

Account Executive

Marina Quiles

Junior Executive

Laura Sanguino

Account Executive